Zack Cunningham Technical Director 818-558-3705
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A Technical Director is the conduit between Production, Technical Management, and the Crew.

A Strong Technical Director not only pushes the buttons but can build effects and Multi-Task under demanding conditions.

Equally important, I maintain technical standards, making sure that all elements are properly cued and, when there is no AD (or Stage Manager for Corporate Presentations), keep the audio, lighting, and staging staff completely informed and prepared for the next element.

I work closely with the Director and Project Management to make sure the production equipment is assembled in such a way as to maximize the presentation value and deliver a technically perfect show.

My attention to detail allows me to quickly prevent errors and guide the director with the next cue when they are focused on the current aspect of the production.  I am always looking forward, anticipating the transition, and preparing myself and the director for the next element.