Zack Cunningham Technical Director 818-558-3705
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When a show has a limited budget I can work as a Director as well as TD.  I know how to cut a show so there are no jump cuts, and no backs of heads.  I bring a strong sense of professionalism and can work with even the least experienced camera people and support crew, bringing them up to a high level of competence.

When special elements such as music or entertainment are incorporated I know how to cut to the beat and feature the instrument or individual that should be the focus of the viewer.

I am always conscious of both the audience and the viewer of the recorded program.  I can cut a program feed and a separate Imag feed simultaneously, adding value to the presentation.  Changes do not faze me and I can quickly adapt the presentation and make it appear seamless without the drama many Directors evoke.

I am always conscious of the Corporate Image and make sure that I present a show that expresses the highest standards to satisfy your client.